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Sileo - Engines in soundproof housing
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Technical data of the Sileo engines range:

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SILEO – new definition of silence.

Pollution regualtions and customers' requirements related with reduction of noise and fuel consumption are now key factor in engines development.

LOMBARDINI SILEO engines are a great innovation from technical as well as design point of view. For the first time in this industry, an one-piece housing is applied made out of a specially prepared resin instead of steel or aluminium housings udes before. This gives an attractive and elegant appearance covering inside the most up-to-date technologies with low noise, pollution and vibrations level generated by the whole machine.

SILEO range comprises 4 3- and 4-cylinder engines with 4 capacity levels: 1000, 1400, 1600 and 2200 ccm.

The whole machine is built up of two parts:

  • Lower - the basis - made of high-resistance RTM material laid out in layers between which insulating nets are put to increase durabilitya d vibration resistance.
  • Upper – also made of glass fibre but lighter, lined on the inside with soundproof material

Upper part of the case is mounted to the structure with 4 automatic hooks ensurin precise covering of the engine and elegant look of the whole. The cover is equipped with two revision doors enabling performing currens maintenance without disassembling of the upper part of the case.

Lower part of the housing has also integrated oil and coolant channels and release valves as well as the battery socket. The whole canopy has therefore a smart and elegant looks and exceptional sturdiness of the whole machine and lightness coming from polymers used instead of steel.

To eliminate unnecessary vibrations and noise, all over the cover and doors edges there are rubber seals.


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