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LOMBARDINI is a world-wide known engine manufacturer with a long history starting back in 1922.  For years, Lombardini engines, have been used in construction, agriculture, forestry, road-building, automotive and many other branches of industry. Modern design, reliability an long life of Lombardini engines have been apprecciated by thousands of users all over the world.

Lombardini is also one of the leaders in the field of industrial diesel engines technology development in Europe.  It is one of the most innovative companies in this industry consequently developing its R&D programme and laboratories. This results in constant increase of engines quality which ensures best possible working parametres whereas big atention paid to customers' expectations makes Lombardini engines one of the most respected engine brands in the world.

The best proof for that is the list of industrial machines manufacturers using Lombardini engines:

  • Goldoni
  • Agromechanika
  • Atlas Copco
  • Dynapac
  • Fadroma
  • John Deere
  • JCB
  • Optimas
  • Vacker
  • Weber
  • and many more

Lombardini engines have also been known for a long time in Poland d lat są także znane w Polsce.  not only to the users of legendary Fadroma machines but also to hundreds of companies using the machines of the brands mentioned above..

For those years, Lombardini engines have achieved reliable, solid and rigid image as well as very economical to use while maintaining high parametres during all working life. Their popularity is also connected with the extremelyu reasonable price compared with the parametres they offer and with other brands.

Versatility of Lombardini sengines makes them and ideal choice for all of the following kinds of machines:

  • pumps and electricity generators
  • tractors for agriculture, horticulture and fruit growing
  • excavators, mini-excavators and loaders
  • forklifts
  • small road rollers
  • asphalt cutters
  • motor mowers
  • transporters
  • small commercial vehicles
  • passenger cars
  • motor welders and compressors
  • vibrating plates and vibrating rollers
  • motor sweepers
  • and many more

Lombardini engines versatility comes also from a strong effort on making them environmentally friendly - they all fulfil the requirements of EURO1 emission norms and emit very low noise which enables them to be used in many applications where low noise and low emission are necessary conditions.

Lombardini engines, contrary to many other brands, undergo very strict selection  and quality control by italian engineers in R&D center. Each engine is carefully tested before leaving the factory what ensures highest quality, durability and achieving high performance.